Wanna fight Trumpcare? Here’s who to call

It’s time to be blunt. You’ve seen the images of protestors–many of them wheelchairs or holding medical equipment–being escorted away by police from the Capitol offices of Senator Mitch McConnell.

We’re asking–no, begging–you to support them and nearly 24 million Americans who face losing access to potentially life-saving care. We’re asking you to make a few quick calls every day this week to stop the Republican Senate #Wealthcare bill. Then tell five friends to do the same. Keep repeating, and together we can build up the volume of outrage to kill this bill.

If you have friends and relatives in red states, call them, too, and ask them to phone their senators’ offices every day. Volume and persistence count.

We suggest that you call the 11 senators listed in the Trumpcare Toolkit,clicking on the links to put the calls through. If time is limited, please focus on the following:

Don’t be afraid to leave a message. Say that you’re calling as a neighbor and an American. Tell them your family and America’s poor, disabled, children, and almost all elderly people living in nursing homes–America’s moms and dads and grandparents–can’t accept devastating cuts to Medicaid to pay for a tax cut for this country’s richest.

Tell them history will remember how they voted on this bill. Demand that they vote NO.